Planning and Zoning



Contact Information: Colt Arnold, Planning & Zoning Administrator, 76 North Franklin, P.O. Box 67, Kingston, MO  64650

Office Hours: Monday through Wednesday 8am-12pm ~ Friday by appointment

Phone:  816.586.4601

Important Information

  • Click here for a list of the most commonly asked about codes and ordinances.
  • Copies of the Zoning Ordinance book are available at the Planning and Zoning office for $25

Responsible for applying zoning regulations to land use and processing development requests in areas of Caldwell County that are not incorporated into the limits of a city. Reviews and processes applications for conditional use permits, changes in zoning, and other development requests.


Planning & Zoning Board Members

Marvin, Stevenson
Margaret Ohlberg
Beverly McKown
Dale McGregor
Elizabeth Leader
Leroy Kern
Jerry Cook
Beverly Clevenger
Ellis Chowning
Jeff Campbell
Martha Burnett