A-1 Agricultural District

10.1.  Purpose: This district is intended to provide for the continuation of general farming and related activities in those areas best suited for such development; and, to prevent the untimely and uneconomical scattering of residential, commercial, or industrial development into such areas.

10.2.  Permitted Uses:

1. Single family residences, single mobile homes, earth sheltered or underground homes, two family dwellings.
2. All agricultural land uses, building and activities.
3. Kennels provided, however, that no kennel shall be permitted in the A-1 district unless it holds valid licenses issued pursuant to the Animal Care Facilities Act (ACFA), RSMo 273.325 through 273.357 and Chapter 9 of the Division 30 of Title 2 of the Code of State Regulations.
4. Essential services and utilities to serve the principal permitted use. See Section 3.17.
5. Customary accessory uses provided such uses are clearly incidental to the principal permitted use.

10.3  Condition Uses:

1. Agriculture processing industries and warehouses clearly, including, slaughterhouses, rendering and fertilizer plants.
2. Quarries, sand mines and gravel pits.
3. Airports.
4. Garbage and refuse disposal sites, including landfills and transfer stations, incinerators.
5. Junkyards, salvage yards.
6. Mobile home and recreational trailer parks.
7. Prisons (public or private.)

10.4.  Prohibited Uses:

1. Any use of mobile home except as a dwelling. Example: A mobile home may not be used as a storage facility.
2. Any use of (property described in 10.2.1) as a rental property with a rental period of less than 28 days

10.5.  Requirements: The following requirements shall be observed:

1. Minimum Lot Area: Five (5) acres.
2. Minimum Lot Frontage: The minimum lot frontage at the building line shall be two hundred (200) feet.
3. Maximum Percentage of Building Coverage: 10%
4. Yard Setbacks:    Rear yard setback – 75 feet    Side yard setback – 50 feet
5. Setback requirements from highways and roads subject to Section IV, Section 4.9.
6. Maximum Building Height: Two and one-half (21/2) stories or thirty (30) feet in height.
7. Signs subject to Section XV.